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EPS Blog instead of a forum?

stormbrínger, Aug 3, 11 5:25 PM.
Our current forum is offline and as i am bored at work, i thought to see if there are maybe simpler options for our forum. As EPS is a lot smaller now and Blizzard created a lot of tools to help organising guilds our forum doesn't really have to be as big as the current one. Mainly it used by officers to discuss stuff when not ingame.

So i thought why not use it just for that and maybe as some kind of blog. I know that Dee is an excellent writer with an interesting view on life and wow. I would like to blog a bit about warriors/hunters  during workhours ^^. Maybe ahnqiry wants to tell us something about those nasty shadow priests and axe about playing the AH, who knows maybe there is are folks in guild who like to write a bit aswell. And if we actually in the future manage to kill raidbosses, we need a place to link the killshot! Think wowinsider but then written by us. :)

Ofc i am aware that none reads the current guild forum and that it doesnt matter too much what we do with it, as long as long as officers have a forum  to communicate with each other when not online. So let me if you like this, or prefer the old one, which imo is to big and full with info.

This site is ease to use you can for example link wowhead items, for example: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (Item).

Adding a picture of movie is silly easy aswell, here is the 6th anniversary vid.

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